Friday, June 29, 2012

Best Wife Ever Award

I believe congratulations are in order! I was just awarded the "Best Wife Ever Award" by my husband. I scored some major "good wife" points when I finally did something he has been asking me to do for him forever. And I actually really enjoyed it!
Hey, hey, now.... this isn't that kind of blog. Get your mind out of the gutter!
We're talking some good, clean, wholesome activities here!
I made homemade granola! I'm sure you all have a recipe or two that takes you back to your childhood every time you eat it. This recipe does that for him.
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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

To paint or not to paint. (my piano) That is the question.

We just bought his piano from Craigslist. This is the picture they had in the listing.


I loved the shape of it, and it was apparently a good brand that was well made. (thanks for the help Uncle Mick!) I bought it fully intending to paint it a light aqua. I love all the painted pianos out there, and just HAD to have one in my own home. I mean, feast your eyes on these beauties! 

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Monday, June 4, 2012

Cake Banner- for a manly cake

My husband recently reached a big milestone. He turned the big 3-0! I wanted to throw a big party for him, but he begged me not to. He's a real low-maintenance, no ruffles or frills kind of guy. But its not everyday you leave your roaring 20's behind you! I had to do something, but was under strict instructions not to spend any money. (we already ruled out buying each other gifts for the next few gift-worthy occasions. Reason being- for Christmas we both got big ticket items, that cost WAY more than we usually spend.) So I had to go much simpler than I would have liked, but simple is what HE likes, and it was HIS birthday. So I made a fast and easy banner, blew up some balloons and made his favorite cake. (Hersheys crunchy topped cocoa cake- recipe to come soon). But I couldn't resist doing something to make it look a little fancier. Not too fancy, this is a mans cake after all. So using all things I already had on hand, I made this handsome little cake banner.

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Friday, June 1, 2012

Aarrrgghh Matey!! A Pirate Birthday Party

I'm a lucky mom who has 2 kids birthdays just a week apart. Because they have been so young (oldest just turned 5, his younger sister just turned 3) my practical husband has talked me out of throwing them parties. Until this year. It was about time! I remember well my 5th birthday. I got an awesome 2 wheeler, and I wore awesome neon hair ties in my crimped hair. When you turn 5, you feel grown up! Its the age where you can start school, you suddenly are old enough to play in sports leagues- I wanted my son to feel special on this momentous "rite of passage". And of course with his sisters birthday just a week later, I couldn't very well have a huge shindig for him, then just sing and do cupcakes for her. Now, the challenge came in when it was time to decide upon a theme. They of course have different opinions on what is cool. Little Man wanted super hero, his sister wanted rainbows and unicorns. (or something along those lines). So we got to brainstorming and after saying no to my jungle theme, and a lot of others, I suggested we  go with Pirates. And both were thrilled with the idea! I didnt have to do any convincing!  So heres the details and of course some pics! 
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