Thursday, July 5, 2012

My thoughts on getting even BIGGER!

I only have 1 week to go! I had another appt. the other day and my doc says she really feels like he's going to be a big boy. I certainly feel like he's a monster baby, but we'll see soon enough! (July 12 is the day! I always have to have c-sections, so the delivery is scheduled at 39 weeks) So that being said, it probably goes without saying that my belly is getting pretty darn big as well. Thats fine. I can handle a big belly. I just want to avoid a huge butt, thighs, arms, and everywhere else. 
Here's a little update on how I'm doing in my efforts of trying to control just how large all the rest of me gets.
I just barely, about a week ago, had to stop working out. I'm not on bed rest, or even close to it, it just got way too uncomfortable.
Before last week, I was able to walk on the treadmill at a pretty steep incline, for about 45 minutes. I would do that probably 4 times a week. I would feel some braxton hicks contractions when I slowed down, but my doc said that was fine. I also would do an occasional toning video, either the 
"10 Minute Solutions arm and shoulder sculptor":

or "The Biggest Loser, Last Chance" arm workout:
(also only about 10 minutes if you select upper body segment only)

At 30 weeks, I had gained a total of 19 pounds. 

About where I wanted to be. Doc said everything is looking great, weight gain is on track. In the weeks to follow, my husband was out of town for work.  But I wasn't ready to throw in the towel just yet. So instead of going at night when the kids were in bed, I would take them with me to the gym and drop them off at the "Play Zone" while I walked on the treadmill. It took about 3 times as long, they fussed about going (they all are in separate rooms due to the age difference, and don't like it), but it had to be done! 

At 34 weeks I had put on 22.

And now at 38 weeks, I hit 25 pounds.

My goal was to gain 25 total for the whole pregnancy- I'm certain that in the next week, I'll gain another so I'll be over my goal, but I'm OK with that.
Now that the challenge of controlling my weight while pregnant is almost over, I'm staring down the barrel of getting my body back AFTER baby.  Heaven knows thats quite a process for me, so you'll be seeing a lot more updates on those efforts.
Does anybody have any "body after baby" tips for me? 

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  1. Nali is anxious for the "competition" to begin! And I can't wait to see the "before" pics!


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