Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Spray Painted crib

In major nesting mode with #4, I started looking for inspiration for my baby boy nursery. I wasn't sure exactly what I wanted to do, but I did know this- My crib was in need of some serious help. My husband and I picked this out as soon as we found out I was pregnant with #1. That was over 6 years, and 3 kids ago! Because our kids are so close together, it has been in constant use since we brought our oldest son home from the hospital. That equals one pretty sad looking crib. Not to mention, that my decorating style has changed significantly in the past 6 years. I wasn't diggin' the cherry wood finish anymore.

But, a brand new crib just wasn't in the budget, so I had to give our old one a makeover. It was a lot of fun, took only one day and about $30. (notice the girly bedding in a blue room. Yes, I hated having my little girl sleep in a not girly room, even though I knew it was only temporary!)

I chose to use spray paint, because the thought of painting all those crib slats with a brush was enough to make me want to stop the whole project and just deal with the scratched, chipped, and not my style finish. One thing you need to know about me is that 
I'm all about quick results. Which is bad in this case because that means I was so dang excited to get the crib done, that I totally forgot to take pictures of the process. Luckily, its so easy, pics aren't needed to explain.
Here is what you need to do it yourself-

-huge tarp (or the equivalent) to spray paint on.
-5 cans of spray paint the color of you choice. I went from a dark color, to an even darker color. You would need more of you are going lighter. This is what I used, and loved it.

- a polycrylic top coat. 

I bought this can several months and several projects ago, and still have lots left)
Notice I didn't use a primer! I was worried how it would work, but no problems!

Step 1- take the crib apart. (are you all saying "duh!" to yourself right now?)
Step 2- I took the pieces out to my driveway and laid them out on a big tarp I got for a few bucks at Home Depot.
Step 3- Spray Paint! To avoid any drips, spray SUPER light coats. More like a dusting, especially on the first coat. Let dry until dry to the touch between coats.
Step 4- repeat until desired coverage is achieved on the first side. Let dry a few (I did for 2) hours.
Step 5- Turn all the pieces over and repeat steps 3 and 4. Be ultra careful not to spray the coats too thick. That's key to a flawless finish.
Step 6- Apply the Polycrylic top coat. I used cheap-o foam brushes from Michaels for this step. Let dry about an hour, then do a 2nd coat. Let dry/cure (mine was in the garage at this point) overnight.
Step 7- Bring your pieces inside, reassemble, and stand back and admire your "new" crib!

As I write out all the steps, I'm surprised there is even 7 steps. It went by so quickly, and was so easy. Seriously a breeze of a project. (although my spraying finger was sore at the end of the day!)
I was pleasantly surprised at how smooth the finish was. I'm telling you, thin coats is the trick! My husband was also surprised and said, "It looks like it's supposed to be black! Nice work wife!" These steps could also be used to refinish any other piece of furniture that is in need of a facelift. Don't ever pass up an awesome piece just because the finish isn't want you want it to be! The sky is the limit with paint!

I have one more project to complete, (involving those baby pictures that are so ADORBS!) before I can proclaim the nursery complete. So when that is done, you'll get the full tour of the room. Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. This is so totally cute! I love that you painted it! We have a crib similar to that one but my hubby would be sad if i painted nice wood! Love the Black! I am glad you found my blog! :) I am now following you!

  2. Yay! I love making new friends. And you can never have too many that are fellow military wives!

  3. I am always nervous when you want to paint nice wood, too. But I must admit the projects always look so professional and well done! Nice work, Stacia! You've given me courage to tackle some redecorating!

    1. You can do it, I'll be your cheerleader! I'll help with what I can from afar, you know I'd love it!

  4. Wow!! Great Job the crib looks so nice. I have been going crazy trying to figure out how to change the color of the crib I just got off craigslist. I wanted to ask if you think a quart of the Polycrylic Protective Finish would be enough?

  5. How has the paint stood up? I had a friend tell me that to prevent the paint from chipping off into baby's mouth, etc that you had to sand the glossy finish off first, use a primer and then paint it. Is it possible to entirely skip those steps and have the paint remain safe for baby to chew on?


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