Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Curtains- Get Creative!

We have lived in our house for just about a year now. And not that long ago, I finally hung curtains in the front room. Ridiculous I know!
I must have brought home a dozen different ones, but my husband and I couldn't agree on any of them.  He didn't really know what he would like, just something that in his words, "looks good and not like a Grandma's house." (Apparently, a lot of patterns that I like, are grandma-ish.)
We finally agreed that we would both like some big fat striped curtains.
About dang time!
But what color?
Do we want something bold, or more neutral?
We have a lot of color in the house already, lets go neutral.
OK. How about gray?
We both liked that.
Awesome, now we're getting somewhere.
The rest should be easy right? We decided what style we wanted, now we just have to buy some. There must be thousands of horizontal gray striped curtains right?
I kept searching and searching and the only thing that I found was this from West Elm-

Perfect stripes, perfect colors. But a shower curtain? Dang it! I just want normal old curtains!
And as I kept coming up empty handed and was about to give up on finding pre-made ones, and perhaps go the "paint your own" route, I stumbled across THIS BLOG.
She bought 3 panels, kept 2 as they were, and cut the last one up to add length to the other 2.
She's using a shower curtain for normal curtains? Well of course!
 So my wheels got to turning. The window I wanted to put them on, already had blinds, so I didn't need the curtains for privacy or to block out light, just purely for decoration. So they didn't have to be able to go across the whole window. And they would be behind the couch, so they didn't have to go all the way to the floor.
I only needed one! If I cut the curtain in half, it would still be plenty thick for my purposes.
I ordered it ASAP.
When it arrived, I very nervously cut it in half the hot dog way. (does anyone else remember hamburger and hot dog ways from elementary?)
Using "Stitch Witchery", my assistant (aka little sis) and I finished off the raw edges.
Time to hang! Since it was a shower curtain, the rod wouldn't fit through the holes, so a couple curtain clips later (they can be found at Walmart, Home Depot and Target in the curtain aisle), and we were in business!

 While we are on the subject of thinking outside the box for curtain solutions, heres some I have in my guest/craft room.

With the same kind of curtain clips, I hung a tablecloth from Target!

I tried the same technique to cover my closet door, but do you see in the pic above how the actual curtain hangs a few inches below the rod? You could see the mess, err, I mean neatly organized piles of fabric sitting on the shelf- so that wouldn't work. I just folded it over a few inches and hemmed it to make a nice pocket for the tension rod to slip through, and there you have it!

Another creative approach to curtains. Have you ever used something unexpected to solve a decorating dilemma? I'd love to hear about it! 

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  1. Hi Stacia, I am glad you found me! Lovin this striped shower curtain idea. I was thinking of using striped curtains in my dining room, I can't believe they are so hard to find. Great job though they look great! I would love it if you would link up tomorrow at my linky party!

    1. I know! Who would've thought it would be so difficult? You could always go the DIY painted route if you're feeling ambitious! Let me know if you end up finding a stripe solution that works for you! Thanks for stopping by and joining, I'll come party it up tomorrow!

  2. Love love love the curtains!! Amazing! We've lived in our house for 6 years, and our front room has... uh... no curtains. We have blinds? That's something, right?? :)

    1. Blinds are definitely better than nothing! Before we installed blinds, we felt like we were living in a fishbowl! Any and everyone could see all our business! If you decide to get curtains, I wanna see what you end up choosing!

  3. Coming from TT&J link up. LOVE these!! Not too long ago, Target was carrying this EXACT print as a duvet cover...easiest transition to curtains! They hang in our dining area and are already 'lined' from the bottom part of the duvet.

    1. Duvet Cover! Awesome! I love thinking outside the box, nice work. I just stopped by your blog, and took a look/commented. So cute, gotta love those stripes!

  4. I think that striped curtains add such a "wow" factor and focal point to a room! I love the color you picked and how creative you were to get what you wanted!

    1. Stripes really do add "wow". For that reason, I'm toying with the idea of adding stripes to my hallway. Thanks for the sweet comment, and for stopping by!

  5. Those curtains are so pretty! SO not grandma. Nobody would ever know they were a shower curtain.

    1. Thanks Susan! I'm loving them more and more everyday! It sure is nice when you can find something both spouses agree on and even love!

  6. table cloth as a curtain is really smart :) and it turned out pretty too :)

    smart momma

    1. Thanks a bunch! I'm happy I finally came up with something! Thanks for stopping by.

  7. your new curtains look great, i love how it brings in that chevron pillow. i've used table runners as valance tops, actually, clipped just like you did it.

    1. You're one smart cookie, Now I'll never look at table linens the same! I love what a little creativity can do!

  8. I made faux roman shades out of that same Target tablecloth! Isn't it a great print? I had to smile at your shower curtain turned curtain, as I've taken a tablecloth and used it as a shower curtain. :-)


    1. Love that print! Sounds like you've been thinking outside the box way longer than me, you're a pro! Thanks for stopping by Jenny!


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