Friday, August 24, 2012

Figure Friendly Friday #1- Sneaky Spinach Smoothie

On my quest to Bring Sexy Back,
I want to start something that I'm calling
"Figure Friendly Fridays"
Each Friday I'll be posting about something that will hopefully be able to help those of you who are interested, (and me!) get more fit and healthy. It might be a workout, or a recipe, or maybe just a tip or two that I've found helpful. I'm excited about it, and I hope you are too. If you have any ideas or suggestions that you'd like to share, please let me know!

So, lets get on to Figure Friendly idea #1- Sneaky Spinach Smoothie.

One of the first things I changed to get healthier, was to start "cleaning up" my diet. I like to think we eat pretty healthy around here, but theres a few things that I know we eat that are dirty. (is that what you call un-clean foods?) As in, highly processed or with artificial ingredients. One such food is my beloved Slim-Fast shake. Not the canned kind, yuck. I'm talkin' bout the powder that you blend with milk and ice to make a delicious breakfast shake. I've been drinking and loving those for years. Unfortunately that same delicious breakfast shake is packed with artificial ingredients, and lots of sugar. So, with the wipe of a tear, I decided it was time to let them go.
But there was a problem- I still craved the icy, frothy, sweetness, but still giving me that "I'm being healthy" feeling, that I thought only Slim-Fast could provide. Lucky for me, my mom (another former Slim-Fast addict) gave me a solution that is MUCH healthier. And a bonus- it also gets me some veggies.

-1 cup skim milk
-big old handful of raw spinach leaves
-1 tsp. agave nectar
-1 banana
- 1 cup of ice
-1 or 2 scoops of whey or soy protein powder (apparently, the jury is still out about whether or not whey/soy protein isolate is "clean". But this powder had only 4 ingredients, none of them being high fructose corn syrup, so I think its safe to say that it's a much better choice than Slim-Fast.)

Put all your ingredients except the powder into the blender. (I add the powder later so it doesn't "poof" when you turn on the blender and you waste half of it as it gets stuck on the lid and sides.)
Blend on High until smooth. I let mine run for a good 3 minutes to make sure no chunks of spinach remain.
Add the protein powder the last few seconds of blending.

And there you have it. Simple. Delicious. Healthy.

I honestly can't taste the spinach at all. Truly. Oh, and this recipe makes a BIG shake. The only cup I have big enough isn't clear so you wouldn't be able to see the pretty green color it is, so I used this one. You will definitely be full after drinking this bad boy.

I don't even miss my old friend Slim-Fast.
PS- I'm not a clean eating expert by any stretch, nor am I ready to give up white flour or sugar. But I'm taking baby steps and maybe one day I'll get there.

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  1. sometimes instead of using ice to thin it out, i just put some plain or vanilla greek yogurt in my smoothies and that works like the ice but isn't just watering it down - its adding some protein to it too. just a suggestion! looks yum!

    1. I think I'm going to start adding yogurt now! Thanks for the tip May!

  2. I make these almost every day too, but with a little peanut butter and low-fat vanilla yogurt in place of the protein powder. I hate spinach so I was really scared to try at first, but they taste AMAZING! It's a great way to sneak veggies into picky little eaters. ;)

    1. awesome ideas! that would be a way to make sure they are "clean". get protein from other natural sources! Thanks Rebekah Dawn! Oh, and I did forget to mention that my kids LOVE this, and always steal it from me!

  3. Oh, and if you freeze your banana you don't have to use ice! (I also use frozen spinach)

  4. i just had my first green smoothie about a month ago and i LOVED it!! i use greek yogurt in mine, but i do still use ice too. the fun thing about them is you can try all sorts of different things in and its all still so yummy!!

    1. The possibilities really are endless! Surprising how in this form, I can't get enough green!

  5. Love green smoothies. So many different ways you can make them! I can even get my kids to drink them...well sometimes Haha

    1. Yeah, the kids love these! It took some convincing after they saw all the leaves go in, but now they always want their own. I'm happy to oblige! Gotta get those greens in!

  6. Ahhhhhhhh! This really is 'sneaky' ;). I love smoothies! Have you ever had those 'bubbles' (tapioca pearls) from the asian market? You boil them for a couple of minutes and put them in a smoothy and drink them up with a large straw (also at the asian market). It's like drinking gummy bears! Thanks for sharing (found you on Summer Crafters).

    1. What the? Never heard of such a thing! I'm going to have to look into that, sounds like the kids would totally dig it! Thanks for stopping by Doreen!

  7. oops, I meant someday crafters.

  8. I just bookmarked this! I drink lean shakes from gnc as meal replacements & they get pricey unless they have 2-for-1 sales, so I think I can switch it up & just make these a few times a week. I ALWAYS have spinach on hand too & I may try using honey instead of the nectar. Thanks for posting this & I'd love to follow up on your figure fridays!(: Nice to see another military wife out there blogging, I'm your newest follower!(:
    -Carrie Eve @

    1. YAY! I love meeting military wife bloggers. Thanks for stopping by and following! I can't wait to get over to your blog and look around!

  9. Since you can't taste the spinach, I suggest you add a little sprinkle of brown sugar to your smoothie, Stacia. Brown sugar is both sweet and healthy, helping to minimize the risk of diabetes.


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