Sunday, August 19, 2012

proud mom moments- (and a gorgeous chair)

You know those moments, when your kid does/says something, and you realize, "He IS listening to what I say!"? We had one such moment the other today. Let me fill you in-
I had all of my kids with me out shopping at World Market. I LOVE with all my heart, what they have in that store. Such unique stuff for the entire house. So for about the 5th time, I stopped to admire/drool over this chair.
(can be found here)

I'm telling you, its even prettier in real life. I love the colors, pattern, shape, nailhead trim- well.... just everything about it! 
But I have no place for it.
I'm sure I could find somewhere, but nothing comes immediately to mind. And because I have resolved to not spend unnecessarily for the next little while, I just couldn't justify the purchase.
Talking more to myself than anyone, I said, "I want this chair so bad!!!!" My sweet son says, "so then buy it!" 

If it were only that simple.

I replied, "I would love to, but it's just too much money for something I don't really need." 

He didn't respond, but looked thoughtful. I didn't think too much more of our convo, as we walked out of the store (without the chair, sadly) and then drove home. 

Once home, he quickly ran upstairs and then came bounding back down yelling, 
"Mom!! I have a surprise for you!!!" 

So he came to find me and in his cute little hands, he held his piggy bank. 

"Now do you have enough money for the chair you love?"

Oh my goodness. I couldn't keep from tearing up. That might be the sweetest thing anyone has ever offered me! He had just offered me almost $10. To a 5 year old, thats like a fortune! You can buy a small set of legos with that! Or seriously cash in at Family Dollar. (not that I used to always blow my money at the dollar store or anything!)

Instead of explaining that we were still $140 short, I just repeatedly told him how sweet and generous he was, (he may have had to push me away so that he could take a deep breath, because I was cutting off his air supply by squeezing him so tightly) and how proud I was of him for being willing to share to make me happy, but that I really didn't need the chair. So he could keep his money and save for something he really wanted. Or maybe we could find someone who needed it more than we did. 
His response, "Oh, like when we gave some money to the people in Japan?"

(When the earthquake in Japan happened, he did extra chores to earn money to send to the kids in Japan who now had no food, clothes or toys. He was so sweet, and was diligent in his chores for weeks until that jar was filled to the brim with quarters.) 

What a good kid. I love those mommy moments when you know that something you have taught them actually sank in. 
Do you have any proud mom moments? I'm sure you do, and I'd love to hear them!


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  1. That chair is pretty fabulous and oh my goodness what a sweet little guy you have! That would have made my heart melt too.

    1. I know right? Still tempted to go back to World Market and snatch it. And he sure is a sweetie!

  2. Ahhh, so sweet. Those are the moments in life that truly make me happy to be a Mom. ;o)

    1. So true Paula! There's no greater job on earth!

  3. Oh my. I love that chair. And your darling boy is so sweet! Absolutely adorable. And can I just say that I love your blog? It is so cute! Now we definitely have to be friends.


    1. Thanks so much for stopping by! I agree we must be friends!

  4. so precious!! what a little sweetheart!!


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