Thursday, August 2, 2012

The plan is working!

This is how I found be big kids last night when I went to check on them.

Light on, both on the same bed, with a big pile of their little sisters (clean) diapers at the head of the bed.
 Aren't they cute? I couldn't help but chuckle when I walked in.
I love seeing them get along so well! It was on purpose that all our kids are less than 2 years apart. A lot of people think we are nuts, but both my husband and I grew up with siblings close, and loved it. (most of the time. ha!) Especially because we are a military family, and move somewhat frequently, we really wanted each of our kids to always have someone to keep him or her company, and to grow up being friends who they enjoy being around.
So when I see them playing happily like this, (or evidence that they were playing happily) I always think, "The plan is working!"
We certainly have moments that resemble this- (if you replace the smiles with tears)

but most of the time they are the best of friends. And for that I am so grateful!!!!

ps- when the kids woke up the next morning, and came down they said, "MOM!!! why'd you move all the squirrels acorns?" Apparently they were the squirrels, and the diapers were the acorns that they were  hiding from the blue-jays.  Funny kids!

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  1. That's so cute! My husband and I have always tried to have our kids close in age as well, though we've never been able to have them under two years apart but pretty close at 25 and 26 months apart between the three of them. We aren't military but we don't live by any family, so we too want our kids to have those built in friends.

    1. Eliza, I was so excited to see it was you! What a cute pic of a cute fam. I didn't realize you had 3 babes! I'm glad we aren't the only "crazy" ones, with lots of babes in little time. So good to hear from you! (Do you have a blog? I'd love to follow!)

  2. Hey there,
    Thanks for stopping by Creatively Living! I was thumbing through your pics and saw the military uniform. We are a military family too. It's fun to find other military wife bloggers!

    Have a good day!

    1. I'm glad that you came over! I just saw that on your blog, I love finding new military friends. Don't you love a man in uniform?

  3. ah so cute!! i loved growing up with a built-in best friend. eliza + i are only 18 months apart and i have always loved it, we were always partners in crime! :D your kiddos are just so cute!


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