Monday, October 29, 2012

Happy Birthday and an explanation.

She's 2 years old? Where the heck did the time go? She was born just yesterday! Here's a handful of pics from the small party we had for my baby girl a few weeks ago. 

The chalkboard was made with some leftover MDF, and chalkboard spray paint. Love how it turned out, and I can't wait to use it for future parties as well. (I'm thinking your baby shower Chelsea!) 

I made the food labels with small squares of wood found at Michaels, painted them, applied a square of chalkboard vinyl, then hot glued a mini clothespin to the back.

On display, I had a baby photo of her, her 1 year photo, and her 2 year silhouette. (haven't taken her 2 year photo yet. Better get on that!) 

The homemade Guatemalan Salsa (an easier way to explain it than using its real name- Chirmol) was a big hit. Thanks for the recipe Frenely!

As evidenced by the picture above, she didn't know what to think when everybody started singing to her. I made lots of Dark Chocolate mini cupcakes, but we forgot to snatch a pic of those with their adorable toppers on them. Just know they were super cute, and super delicious.

I made the invites and favor tags on PicMonkey. The poem read-
"Thanks for coming to party
as Bri turns 2.
Here's some Hugs and Kisses
from us to you!"
Attached to a bag filled with Hugs and Kisses. 
Nothing too original, I know. But not too bad for making the favors the night before I suppose.
Thats about it. It was low-key and nothing too fancy, but tons of fun. Birthday girl had a blast and cashed in with some awesome gifts. Thanks everyone!

It's true what they say, "Time flies on wings of lightning!" Can't believe she is so old already, speaking in full sentences, making us laugh all the time, dancing goofy, becoming independent. (too much so sometimes!)We love you sweet girl!

Next subject. Why am I blogging so much less now? Well, long story short- I want/need to put my focus elsewhere. My cute fam.

(pic taken when baby was just a week old, look how tiny! Also, why does big bro get a goofy look on his face whenever the camera comes out? Am I the only one who has a kid that does that?) 

 I had been considering slowing down blogging and doing it less frequently, for a few weeks before I actually did it. I noticed that I was hurrying through books and games and lessons with the kids so I could go link up to a party and visit other blogs. Or sitting at the breakfast table on my laptop trying to finish up a post while my husband and kids were talking and laughing, having fun without me. 
But I was having a blast in "blogland" making new friends, constantly being inspired by new crafts and projects through link parties, and getting featured more and more. Blogging and networking with other bloggers is super fun. Its also super time-consuming. 
So I stewed over it for a little while. Then it was Conference Weekend. You guessed it- I got my answer. Now is NOT the time for me to be blogging full force. I have 4 young, adorable kids at home with me all day, I need to take advantage of this precious time. I don't want them to look back on their childhood and remember me always being on the computer. I want them to remember how I used to play lots of games with them, read thousands of books to them, built lots of forts with them, and took the time to really enjoy the things we were doing together. 
So at least for the time being, I'm scaling back on the amount of posts, (I'm not completely stopping, I'm thinking once a week. So keep checking back- probably on Mondays) and I'm not going to be joining link parties everyday of the week.
 I know I'll be back at it full force again someday. Just not now. 

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  1. What a beautiful birthday girl! And what a fun birthday party... and I just gotta say, Stacia Pooh, thanks for always CTR! I LOVE YOU!

  2. haha steph....CTR. your kids are pretty much the cutest kids around. i'm still wanting to plan a trip to visit you guys. i'm sad to see less blog posts, but i totally get it. love.

  3. bri is so cute and i can't believe she's getting so big! it feels like it was just a few months ago we had dinner at ashley's house and bri was a little baby! crrrrrazy!

    and i totally feel ya on the blogging thing. i go through phases where i feel like the blogging world takes over my life. i don't have cute little kids to attend to yet, but i hate feeling like i'm neglecting other parts of my life! journaling is great, but you have to LIVE a life to journal about it :D love you cute girl!


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