Tuesday, October 16, 2012

My girls Gallery wall and A WINNER!!!

We just re-arranged the kids rooms. Again, for the 3rd time in the past year. Now that my 2 year old was climbing out of the crib and pack n' play, we had to get her a big girl bed. So we moved her in with her big sister, and moved my son into the room with the crib, that the baby will move into as soon as he is sleeping through the night. (We're almost there!) So now that it wasn't a boy/girl shared room, I could go all out on the girly-ness. So I present to you project #1 in our girly room. The gallery wall.

I found these frames at TJMaxx for a steal and using some vinyl and scissors, I made the silhouettes in like 15 minutes. I love how they turned out, and love that they were so simple! 
All you do is take a picture of them looking to the side. 
Print it as a black and white "fast draft" to save on ink.
Tape the photo on top of some vinyl and cut around the head, neck and a little of the shoulders/chest. 
Cute and easy!

The I am a Child of God frame started out looking like this-

 Black spray paint, cute fabric and some vinyl gave it a face lift. 

The B.F.F. frame was found in the "As is" bins at Michaels. It had no glass, so was only $2.99! I painted the aqua straight on the backing of the frame, then added vinyl letters. It's my hope and prayer that my girls will really be "Best Friends Forever"! So far, so good!

The chalkboard frame was another "As is" find for cheap. Again, I just painted right on the backing of the frame. 

I got the temple print on Etsy, but now can't find the name of the shop. But a quick Etsy search will find you plenty of options. The print looks a lot less "pea- soupy" in real life. 
I guess that pretty much does it!
I'm so in love with gallery walls, I think there is one in just about every room in my house. I know I'm not the only one, who's with me?

 OK, enough jibber-jabber, on to the winner of the 
Hand carved Filipino Nativity from ELEVITA! 

And the winner is....
Eliza Challis!

Congrats Eliza! You're gonna love this nativity, I have one and ADORE it. 
Thanks to all of you who entered and who checked out Elevita.com. Please remember them as you do your Christmas shopping, they have lots of great gifts for all ages.  These gifts Improve Lives Worldwide! 

ps- I know I've been making myself scarce the past few weeks. A post on why that is, is in the works so stay tuned!
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  1. Want to come to Georgia and decorate my house for me?!

    And squeee, I'm so excited I won. The only nativity set we have is our Fisher Price one and I think the kids lost the baby Jesus last year, lol. Thank you!

  2. The gallery wall looks great! I love the silhouettes - cheap and easy, but SO cute! I'm sure the girls love their new girly room!


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