Monday, October 1, 2012

My Halloween Mantle

Now that it is October 1, I can decorate for Halloween! I don't know why, but I feel weird setting up Halloween stuff in September. 
So I did this last night after the kids were in bed to surprise them when they woke up.

 I got most of the stuff from the dollar store. I'm just recently discovering how AWESOME that place is.
 I found the moss stuff in the vases, the crow, the little skulls, the skeletons, the candles, the plate, and the black "spooky cloth" ALL at my local Dollar Store. 
The plate was plain white that I Mod Podged some Washi Tape (from Michaels) onto. I guess the tape doesn't stick to glazed surfaces, this was my first time using it. Mod Podge to the rescue! Problem solved.

The silver skull was the same one I used at the Pirate Party. Picked it up at Michaels with my 40% off coupon. The white pumpkins were also from Michaels. After they got a coat of white spray paint to make them brighter white, I just used some craft paint and a tiny brush to paint the spider and webs on them.
The 2 big vases were clearance finds from TJMaxx. I've had them forever, and they just hold different things depending on the season, or where they are placed in the house.

And no decor project would be complete without something made with my trusty sidekick- the Silhouette.

Am I the last one to decorate for Halloween? I just can't bring myself to do it any sooner. Just like I can't bring myself to decorate for Christmas before Thanksgiving. Come Black Friday though, I am a Christmas decorating fool!
Happy October to you all! (and Happy Birthday to you Mary!)
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  1. so cute! and what a fun surprise for the kiddos!!

    thanks so much for the birthday shout-out, you're the sweetest!


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