Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Striped hallway- part 1

I'm still trying to figure out a few more things to hang as part of the gallery wall in the down stairs hallway, but who knows how long it will take until I'm satisfied with how it looks, so I figured I might as well show the first part of the hall makeover- THE STRIPES!!! I've been wanting to paint stripes on a wall forever now. I finally got my husband to admit that it would look awesome, he agreed to help, and 5 days later (yes, 5!) we had awesome stripes.

Pretty sweet right? If you are smart and buy enough paint, and don't have 4 young kids who wake up super early in the morning, and therefore need to go to bed at the same time as senior citizens, it won't take you 5 days. ;)

Here is how it used to look. Boring, forgotten about, not enough stuff hanging on the walls. 

The first night all we did was give it a good coat of white. We didn't have to tape off the ceiling, floor boards or doors since they were also all white. (actually we used leftover ceiling paint that was already in the garage when we bought the house.) 
The below pic is after the second night.

The wall measured 89 inches top to bottom. I knew I wanted 7 stripes with the top and bottom being white. (save time and hassle by not having to tape off the ceiling or floorboards) so 89 divided by 7 is 12.714.....We just rounded to 12.5, I was ok with the bottom stripe being slightly wider than the rest. So we just made a tiny pencil mark every 12.5 inches on both ends of the wall. (and one in the middle of the long wall) Then I held one end of the tape, my husband held the other, and we lined the tape up with the markings. No level, no lasers. Only one piece took a few tries to get it looking straight. The beauty of doing a long skinny hallway is that you can't get far enough back to see if your lines are actually straight. So we just eyeballed it and called it good.  By this time it was like the middle of the night (or maybe 10) and the baby was asleep, so we crashed too.

The next night was Sunday so we took a break.

Monday night we started painting the gray. But I only bought a quart and it wasn't enough. But neither of us wanted to go to Home Depot to get another can.

Tuesday I went to HD and we finished up the painting.
Count 'em, that's 5 nights. It certainly didn't need to take that long, so don't let that scare you off from painting your own.
I love it. Hubby loves it, AND said he was glad we did it. This coming from a guy who frequently says, "It looks fine"- thats saying a lot! Looking at these pictures makes me realize that those brassy doorknobs need to be taken care of. Another project added to the list!

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  1. Love the stripes and the soothing color, Stacia and I totally understand you (it took me 3 weekends to hand paint my entryway)!

  2. I love it! I was so excited to see this! It looks fabulous!

  3. this is SO cute! i'm telling you, when i have a house someday i'm going to hire you to come help me decorate!!

  4. It looks really nice! It is amazing how the space opens up!

  5. I love your striped hallway! Looks amazing!

  6. Your hallway looks beautiful...I love it! I'm thinking of doing something dramatic with my hallway. Stopping by from Classy Clutter's Spotlight Saturday.

  7. That is gorgeous! We're slowly painting each room of our house and I wod love to do something like this! Great job!

  8. Wow, what a difference! I'm your newest follower and have already learned something from you! Thanks!

  9. Looks fantastic! I did 8 inch verticle black and white in my bathroom and love it so much - I want to do horizontal in foyer. I would like to make a suggesation. I think you should paint ceiling grey. I painted my bathroom ceiling black when I did my stripes and it really completed the look! So glad I did it that way. I saw it in a magazine and almost opted not to do it, but, everytime I walk in there - am so glad I did!
    Thanks for sharing your how to on this, going to try this weekend!

  10. I love your striped hallway. I'm been brainstorming ideas for my hallway that is in need of a redo and had not even considered this. what a great idea!
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