Friday, November 2, 2012

Our Fun-Filled Halloween

We had an awesome Halloween. Each year gets more fun as the kids get older and more excited about their costumes. 

Here's our Tennessee Titans Player holding his football brother-

Doing the Heisman pose-

Little quarterback- He actually does have a decent arm.

Football baby! How cute is this costume? I LOVE it!

Miss Peacock was being bashful for the camera. I had visions of doing some incredible, gorgeous peacock face paint- but have you ever tried to paint a 2 year olds face who has been waiting all day to go and get candy? Needless to say, thats the best I could do.  

Miss Flamingo on the other hand was not bashful at all, and was dancing all around the front yard, hammin' it up for me. And she sat still as can be while I painted her face. She is totally cooperative when it comes to "gorgeous stuff". 

Th peacock feathers are made out of felt, and the flamingo feathers are just a boa from Michaels. So simple to put togeher. Both are just safety pinned to the skirts, so I can reuse everything.

Chomping at the bit!

Notice the last name on the jersey? I was so excited to find it!

They only did 2 cul-de-sacs, but came home with loaded buckets. They (which means me too) totally cashed in and got lots of full and king size candy bars.

Earlier that day we had lots of fun doing Halloween themed things. Orange smoothies with lunch,

 Mummy hot dogs for dinner, (those are their scared faces)

and pumpkin pretzels for snacks.

We also had a blast making footprint ghosts, and dancing to the Monster Mash over and over. I think that about sums it up. Super fun day!

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