Wednesday, February 20, 2013

A 4 year olds Fairy Party

Here's the last of the 3 parties we had last month. My oldest girl turned 4! 
She is nothing if not girly and dainty, so a fairy party was a perfect theme for her.

Another one falls victim to the chalkboard craze! She had so much fun making a board on her own.

She's good right?

I'm no photographer and couldn't get a good pic of the fairy lights. This is the best I could do.

Bonus- this project costs me nothing! Well, at some point I paid for the supplies, but you know what I mean. I already had some vellum in my stash to make the flowers to go over the lights, the tulle to tie around, and just borrowed a string of lights from the Christmas box. 

There was glitter EVERYWHERE!!!  Weeks later, we are still sweeping it up in the kitchen.

As each of the party guests arrived, they were given a fairy wand. (another "free" project, using all supplies I already had!)

The original plan was to start with face painting, but as soon as the girls saw the little personal cups (leftover from the shower) filled with beads, they jumped right in.  

I was impressed with the focus they had!

Then we moved on to the face painting. I had visions of beautiful, elaborate, glittery fairy faces, but then reality set in. These are 3 and 4 year old we are talking about. I'll be lucky if I get a good 5 minutes per face. So we stuck with hearts, flowers and butterflies. And they were happy as can be about it.

When not being painted, the little fairies played "Tinker, Tinker, Bell". (duck, duck, goose) This was my husbands idea, and at first mention I wasn't convinced they would like it. But they had so much fun! 

While we set out the food, we turned on some fairy music and the fairies danced around with their wands and balloons. I love how easy to please little girls are!

We found these adorable little cupcake toppers at TJMaxx, she fell in love with them as soon as she laid eyes on them. Of course the cupcakes had to be frosted pink with pink sprinkles.
You guys, these cupcakes might have been the best I've ever made. And they weren't even chocolate. I got the recipe from Martha's cupcake book, and the stars aligned perfectly, and they were amazing. Baked just the right amount of time, the perfect density and fluffiness(?). So dang good. Whats weird is that I used the same recipe for the cake part as the space party, but these turned out much better.

She still hasn't told us what she wished for! Still hoping it will come true!

Pink lemonade per bday girls request. We used the cupcake liners from the fairy set to top the Mason jars. Not only do these look a whole lot cuter than the pink dollar store cups I had originally planned on, but they prevented spills too!  

I also made some pink heart shaped rice krispie treats, but before I realized that I didn't get a pic yet, they had vanished! Had to add in some "fairy fruit" to balance out the treats.

Lots of fairy gifts from sweet friends! I was amazed at the difference of boys and girls. The sheer noise volume difference of the 2 parties was incredible! The girls were so much quieter! Even when giggling and running around, it was hardly noisy.

Oh yeah, heres a pic from that morning- If you couldn't tell, she was very excited to open Tangled. Thanks mom and dad!

I'm so happy we were able to have a day just to celebrate Jadie Lady. She is the sweetest thing in world, who is always a peacemaker, can often be heard saying, "I really love Jesus", and freely gives hugs and kisses to us. Happy Birthday sweetie girl, we love you!

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  1. What a cute party for a sweet little girl (I love the "I really love Jesus" comment :)! Love the fairy theme and all the DIY elements you added. This will be a party she'll never forget.

  2. I LOVE the mason jar and cupcake liner idea! So very cute! And the little stations are a great idea to keep little minds and fingers busy.
    Those little girls looked like they had so much fun. What a treat for them. And to that sweetest of all fairy princesses: I love you, Jadey girl!

  3. adorable! your parties are so cute! and i love that jan came up with the game - what a cute dad!


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