Sunday, February 17, 2013

A 6 year olds space party

I got 2 posts done in 1 weekend! Reason being, my littlest guy is sick, so I've been at home with him, while hubs takes the 3 big ones to Costco, bball games, church etc. And since he's under the weather, his naps are a little longer. So I've got a quiet house for a few hours at a time, it's so weird! Anyway...

Holy cow, time flies. My little guy is already 6? My kids birthdays are so bittersweet. I LOVE that they are growing up, but I also HATE that they are growing up! Makes sense right? 
So anyway, this kid is a major Lego fanatic. (I'm starting to become a big fan myself, they are super fun).
A few days prior to his bday, he got a package in the mail from Nana and Pa. It came in SpongeBob wrapping paper. I happen to think that S.B.S.P. is the stupidest show on the face of the planet. But his aunt and uncles like it, and since we don't let him watch it, he has to wait until he's at my parents house to watch it. And its the grandparents right to buy grandkids presents that their parents wouldn't normally buy right? (case in point- the Moon Sand from 2 years ago. The kids LOVED it. Me and hubs, not so much. We were finding that stuff all over the house for months. Thanks mom and dad!) 
As soon as you get a package in the mail, you have to shake it right? A Lego master knows the sound of Legos when he hears it. So needless to say, he was quite excited to open that one. As soon as he woke up on his party day, he had to open it. 

As you can tell, he was thrilled, and ripped into that baby ASAP. He had the whole set built in no time. Then he played with it until we had to MAKE him eat bfast at like 10:30. (for the record, I'm pretty sure that I've never been so involved in something that someone had to make me eat!)

So on to the party deets. We were originally planning on having a Lego party, naturally. We started  making lots of plans and were getting excited about it. But then for Christmas my little brother bought us a family pass to the Adventure Science Center. (thanks again Trav!) And we had so much fun, he changed his mind and wanted to have the party there instead. That tells you how fun that place is! With our pass we can take 6 guests. So birthday boy invited 4 friends and my uncle (who is my age, and the dad of 2 of those friends) went with my husband for an all boys adventure. And because there is a big space/astronaut exhibit there, we went with a space theme. This was the easiest party to plan, because we just had cake, ice cream and presents before they took off! My big boy helped with all the decorations, and learned first hand how much fun making chalkboard art is.

Pretty good right? We learned all about space and planets in the weeks leading up to the party and made the big chalkboards for art class one day. (told you you'd see those boards again!)

He wanted to pull out every toy we had that was space related to decorate with. (which was not too many apparently!)

He painted the globe and moon himself! That globby white stuff is glow paint, it's pretty sweet.

I cut out those blue rocket ships with my handy dandy Silhouette and just used scotch tape to attach them to the toothpicks. Cupcake toppers in a flash! We chose foil wrappers and silver sugar sprinkles to make it look "spacey". 

These planets also glow in the dark! And yes, they are in the correct order, he wouldn't have it any other way.

We gave out these rockets as a party favor. Rolo's with these cute free printables from -Amanda's Parties To Go taped on. I was so happy to have found those!

We got a bunch of punch balloons from the dollar store to hand out to friends as they came in, to play with 'til everyone arrived. We actually bought them with the intent of making paper mache planets. 
Well, we made one. It took like an hour and half with the 2 of us working on it, and I kid you not, just as I was putting THE LAST strip on, we started hearing air leaking out. The balloon had somehow gotten a hole in it and deflated completely within 15 minutes, leaving a soggy, gooey, pile of newspaper. So needless to say, we didn't attempt to make the remaining 9 (we were making the sun first, and we do still count Pluto) and went to Toys R Us and decided the $8 for the glow in the dark planets was totally worth it. Even though they didn't include Pluto. Jerks. 
The boys first started to jump off the couch trying to land on the punch balloon, thinking they would bounce way up high. But then we told them your story, Kurt. They decided it was better to just jump WITH them instead of onto them. No one was interested in wearing casts on their legs. 

Legos, Legos, and more Legos! 

Yep, he did open presents BEFORE cake and ice cream. We were getting the ice cream out and turned around to find the kids circled around Isaac, already in the midst of present opening. "You said I could open them at the party!" He's right, I did say that. 

Ready to blast off!

After they ate, we loaded em up, and they were off!

2 little girls were not happy to be left behind. What you can't see in the below picture, is the 2 of them crying at my feet as the boys drove off. Don't worry, we had a very girly party the following weekend, so after I reminded them what was coming, they calmed down a bit.

As soon as my boys walked through the door a few hours later, (after dropping friends off)  he went straight back to Lego building. 

Here he is the next morning as we are trying to tell him to get in the car for church- bet you can't guess what is in his hands! You got it, more Legos. 

Love my big boy!

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  1. So dang fun! The look on his face you captured in many of the pics is just priceless! I love little boys and all their noise and messiness and energy! So happy you can experience it! What a fun day. Thanks for sharing.
    I love you!

  2. Dont even get me started on presents from grandmas!!! My mother knows I hate stuffed animals..... what does she get them at least every Valentines, Easter and birthdays!?!?! Ya. She dont care. and my mother in law has to out do everyone else and have the best present so it either lights up, makes sound or you shoot with it!! Yes we have real gunsand other hunting equipment for my kids! Whatever right? ;)

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