Thursday, February 21, 2013

Day of Love

 Well, its only been a week since V-day, so I'm proud of myself for doing a post already!
We've been dealing with a baby who has pneumonia, so our V-day plans weren't as elaborate as I had originally planned, but it was still a great day. We stayed at home and enjoyed being together. 

Sick of the chalkboards yet? Sorry! I'm not, so you're gonna have to get used to 'em. 

My oldest drew this pic of me and my hubs. We got shot with a love arrow. Notice the bun on top of my head? Yeah, thats the only way I wear my hair these days. He think's I'm pretty!

I made this little banner using a piece of scrapbook paper I've had for years. I bought it in Germany forever and a day ago. It was all one big piece, but I cut apart the rectangles to look like stamps, then just hot glued them to a piece of bakers twine. 

I love the owl one! As my son was reading what each one said he came across one that said, "True Love". He was all grossed out, and put his hand over that one while he read the rest of them. Boys are funny. And its funny how all of them talk about love, but the only one he didn't like was that one.  

Borrowed the rosette ball from my girls room.

While the kids were outside playing, (yes, its been nice enough to play outside again!) I set the table and they were ecstatic when they came in. We had breakfast for dinner, which is always a hit. Oven (some call them german) pancakes cut into heart shapes, with strawberries and whipped cream. And no V-day is complete without some sparkling cider in fancy glasses and candlelight. Guess what? No spills this time! I love that kids like dressing in valentines colors. I'm guessing one day not too far off, my son will be too cool for that, so I'm enjoying it while it lasts. 

After we were done eating, the kids each read (or we read to them) the jars that my husband and I put together for them. My hope is to continue this tradition through the years. You should have seen their faces light up when we were all focused on what we love about each of them. 

I was gonna add a link to where I found this printable, but I can't find it on any of my Pinterest boards. 

Of course I had to coordinate the paper inside too.

The rice krispies were such a hit at the Fairy party, the kids requested them again for a Valentines dessert. Don't worry, we ate our veggies at lunch time, so all the sweets are ok. 

The previous Friday night, hubs and I went out on a hot date. First one since baby was born! Well, we went out for our anniversary, but baby was only a month old, so he came with us. Not exactly the same as it is with no kids in attendance. It was super fun, great to re-connect, and was complete with delicious cheesecake at the end. My valentine surprised me with some more of said cheesecake when he came home on V-day, that we saved til after the kids went down. 
Awesome day, I'm grateful for all my loved ones!

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  1. you're basically the coolest and cutest mom ever. for realsies. and i'm super happy you're blogging a bit more again :)

    i'm still planning on a trip to visit you guys......xo.


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