Thursday, March 28, 2013

St. Patty's Day- better late than never!

Well, Easter is in a few days, and I'm barely getting around to the St. Patty's day report. Maybe by Memorial Day I'll have the Easter report done!

We started the day off with a treasure hunt plotted by a leprechaun. (they knew it was me) 

There were lots of clues leading them around the house to find the treasure at the end of the rainbow. I didn't create it, I got it from a cute blog a few years ago, before I was addicted to pinning, so of course I can't find it now. 

The last shamrock and more importantly, the treasure was in a closet, in this makeshift treasure chest. Ghetto I know but hey, at least the pillow covering the top is green!

 For bfast we had green smoothies, and green eggs. The biscuits had what we thought was enough food coloring, but after baking, I guess we were wrong. They look like plain old boring biscuits. Boo! But delish nonetheless.

This next pic is crackin me up. Ty's heads is just as big as his big bros! We had to hurry and get the photo op done as quickly as possible for 2 reasons-
1- Big bro could barely hold up his large and in charge little bro, but really wanted to try.
2- we had just re-mulched the day before and new mulch smells like manure so they wanted out of there ASAP. (notice the face on B? she was in the middle of a catching a nasty whiff) 

I knew that alien green polish would come in handy one day! I will admit, that color looks much cuter on little girls hands than it does on mine. 

After church we had a rainbow appetizer while I finished up the soup.

We were not impressed. It was a spinach, broccoli, pea, creamy soup. I'm a huge fan of broccoli cheese soup, so I thought I would love it. So wrong, even with my newfound love of produce. (most of it) I could hardly choke this down. The kids ended up eating some leftover chicken and rice. I usually make them eat whatever I make, but this would have just been cruel. 

Hanging from all the windows in the dining room were these shamrocks. I made them a few years ago, get this- WITHOUT A SILHOUETTE!!!! How I survived, I'll never know. They are indeed a bright green, but couldn't get a good pic.

The mantle-  What you can't see, are the 2 pennant banners on the windows on either side of the fireplace. I was far from thrilled with the end result of the whole thing, but am trying to do more of what I'm not very good at. Leaving well enough alone. Certainly not in all cases, but here and there I'll let a few things go.

Surprise! More chalkboard.

Here is I's-



 And mine. Never got around to finishing it up. How embarrassing. 

 That does it! It was a fun day! Oh, and you better believe the kids pinched all who weren't in green. Well, we limited it to people older than 12. Didn't want to start fights at church.

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  1. Uh, guess what we did for St. Paddy's? NOTHING! Well, unless you count me putting the green food coloring into the pancake batter we were already making. Your's looked fun!

  2. you're a cute mommy!!

    and oh my goodness... that picture of all 4! so hilarious and cute!


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