Sunday, March 10, 2013

Starting Clean Eating with a 21 day sugar fast

I just finished my 21 day sugar fast! I decided to keep a journal throughout the process to document my feelings. I'm fully aware that no one else will find this interesting, but nonetheless, recorded it so I can have it to look back on. If you're interested, read on, if not, no offense taken. Beware, its quite wordy.

Day 1- I was super excited to start today. Its the first day of the rest of my life! I feel healthy, in control, no cravings or moments of weakness.  For 21 days I'm eliminating all added sugar. Of course no processed white sugar in any of its forms, but also no natural added sugars like honey, agave, maple syrup. The natural ones are just for the 3 weeks while I detox, then I'll add them in. But processed sugars are gone for good!
Didn't even want a bite of the kids ice cream they had for dessert.  But I'm obviously not in the clear yet, its only been 1 day after all. Thrilled, grateful and a little surprised that hubs said he's on board to eat clean 100%. He's the best. We will allow ourselves a treat now and then however. I can't go the rest of my life without Maggiano's cheesecake! We still have some leftover goldfish, fruit snacks, and un-clean bread and cereal in the pantry,(and Breyers in the freezer) so as soon as those are gone, the kids will be clean too. (whether they like it or not!) So I've got a few more days to figure out some clean snacks for them. I love Kashi stuff, but it all has sesame, and Jade is allergic to thats a no-go. Clean store bought bread is essentially nonexistent, so I'm trying out a new recipe tomorrow with no added sugar or sweeteners and we'll see how it goes. Discovered chia seeds, best things ever. (supposedly, we'll see if we can tell a difference in a bit)

Day 2- I am so proud of myself! For the first time in my life, I made a successful loaf of bread with yeast! Ive made plenty of banana, poppyseed, pumpkin, etc. breads that were good, but never in my life a good loaf that had to rise. And I finally did it! And it was the bomb! Well it was pretty good, could def have used some type of sweetener. But for being only 5 ingredients its a make-again for sure. Went great with stuffed peppers for dinner. Scored some good wife points from hubs with the menu. Kids ate a ton, I love seeing that they are already making healthy habits. It gives me motivation to keep going strong! Another good day, no cheats, or big cravings. Avoided ice cream again (Jade's choice of treat for FHE) I even dished them up and didn't take even a smidgen! Is it weird that I feel so empowered?! Finally showing some type of self-control in the kitchen  makes me feel on top of the world! Giving up sugar feels so much different this time around. Maybe cuz I know that I'm changing the way I live long term and not just until I lose x amount of weight. I don't feel frustrated and mad that I can't have junk food, like I did even just a few days ago. I feel super excited at the thought of becoming the healthiest I've ever been. I don't know what did it, but it finally clicked. I don't even want to be eating crap! Whereas before, I only avoided it so I could get skinny, but boy did I sure count down the days until I would eat it again.
Today I had a slight headache, sugar withdrawals? Perhaps self fulfilling prophecy?

Day 3- Feel good! Made some granola with only cinnamon and applesauce to sweeten. Pretty blah. But surprisingly still satisfying. I still feel very resolved to eat only clean foods, but am nervous for when the opportunity arises for me to "cheat". (at a party or something) I hope I can keep it up! We ate all the bread in a hurry. Everybody likes it, so I think each morning, I'll have to make a loaf for the day.

Day 4- Tired today. Either lack of sugar, or due to a baby up a bunch in the night. I put B down for a nap, and after I came out, took forever to get energy back. Out running errands, the thought did occur to me to stop at Baskin Robbins. But it was fleeting. Then on my way home from a friends, I was thinking how excited I was to watch Seinfeld and have Breyers Rocky Road. In a second I came to my senses and remembered I DON'T WANT IT! Nightly ice cream has been a habit for a long time. The time has come on to move on.

Day 5- I was HUNGRY today. I really didn't want to stop eating the homemade bread- had 2 1/2 pieces with my soup. Need to remember that just because its clean, doesn't mean I can go hog-wild. Unless its on cucumbers or something. Probably don't have to worry about that though.

Day 6- oh yeah baby! I took my son to Pizza Hut for his "book-it" reward, and I didn't get anything! And I didn't even sneak a bite of his either. I planned ahead, and I brought almonds and cashews to munch while he ate the delicious, greasy, personal pan pizza. No, stop. Not delicious, terribly unhealthy, make me feel like garbage. I'm awfully proud of myself for resisting. Feeling good. I don't feel any different physically. Some said I would probably get "sugar flu" and feel sick from abstaining from sugar, but haven't noticed too much of a change.

Day 7- It keeps getting easier and easier. At my sons bball ceremony, there were Krispy Kremes. We all went to Costco today- samples galore. I passed on all sorts of delicious things, and only got the Vita-Mix juice, and a bite of pork. For once in my life I've got some will power and I'm not hating life when I am "depriving" myself. I can do this!

Day 8- I am breaking out like crazy. I haven't had this many pimples at once in forever. Is it part of my body detoxing? I'm off to research what the heck is going on with my dang face.

Day 9- Turns out breakouts are part of the detox process. All the bad stuff is coming out! I don't wanna talk about the other ways its coming out- gross. Today was the first time I was big time craving sugar. I wanted chocolate chips so bad. I thought it would be much sooner than now, and at this point I'd be beyond the cravings. Didn't cave, this will be worth it.

Day 10- I think I might have a delayed sugar flu? Feel pretty crappy, keep getting nauseated, headache and lots of congestion. No one else in the house is sick, so I think it might be.

Day 11- Still feeling sick. Same symptoms as yesterday. I was proud of myself for actually working out at home for once!! It was hubby's morning to go the gym, so during the day I made myself forget about the dirty kitchen and do a video. Had chocolate cravings again today, but they weren't too bad. I'm half way done, and haven't cheated once! I'm reborn I tell ya! This is not the old Stacia!

Day 12- I've been surprisingly having lots of fun in the kitchen. I've never really enjoyed cooking, (baking on the other hand, is a different story) but my new view on food has changed that I guess. Yeah, it takes a lot more time and effort to eat clean, but I love knowing that I'm doing my body good! Me and hubs have been making "the gator shake" each morning. The kids call it that cuz its an ugly, muddy, brownish greenish color that resembles a swamp. Which is where gators live. Tons of spinach, chia seeds, blueberries, pineapple, flax seed, strawberries, apple juice and a banana. Looks sick, but oh so tasty.

Day 13-Don't feel great yet, still a little sick. But face is clearing up a little, stomach feels flatter, and jeans fit a *little* looser. Happy to see a few areas of progress, gives me motivation to keep it up!

Day 14- Didn't eat enough produce today. I felt munchy all day long and only wanted to eat toast! Boy do I love toast. I got my gator shake and an apple in, but no salad. I can totally tell a difference in the way I feel. No energy, not motivated. Too many carbs, even if its whole grains= feelin gross. Now I can look back and remember how I felt today and learn from my mistakes. This is all a learning process right? I'm learning lots on my quest to become healthier.

Day 15- I can't believe we did it. We went to Costco a week ago and bought TONS of fruit and veggies. 5 lbs of baby carrots, 2.5 pounds of spinach, 6 heads of romaine lettuce, 10 giant apples, 5 lbs of clementines. We ate it ALL. With 2 heaping handfuls of spinach in the gator shake every morning, and a huge salad for lunch (almost) everyday, we went through it all much quicker than I was thinking we would and to my surprise, didn't waste a single item. I've been replacing the kids usual snack of goldfish or fruit snacks with carrots, clementines, and ants on a log. They've been enjoying it- whenever Bri eats something she knows is healthy, she says in a goofy voice with a goofy face, "this is good for my body". I have no idea why she does it, but its hilarious, you'd have to witness it for it to be funny obviously. I've never eaten so much produce in my life, than I have these last few weeks. My jaw gets sore, cuz I have to chew so much longer (I'm talkin to you carrots!) but I like it.

Day 16- I never thought it possible to get so much pleasure out of eating an apple. Every day I look forward to eating my apple and peanut butter. (replacement for ice cream) So sweet and crunchy. I love that I crave good for me food now. I can't lie and say that cheesecake doesn't also sound delicious, but my cravings are completely satisfied by that heavenly apple. Next step is to stop eating (even if it is something healthy), right before bed. All the experts say not to do it, I know its not a great idea. But I'm taking baby steps so I make permanent changes, not just a quick fix.

Day 17- Can't shake this cold/flu whatever it is. Coughing fits and lots of congestion. Don't feel 100% yet, but good enough to still workout. But I can't find my running bra so I've been doing stair master. (happy hubby!) Sat in the sauna for 15 minutes after my workout and emerged dripping/soaking wet with sweat. Really gross, but felt great. Good thing I brought that beach towel to sit on in the car. My complexion is looking so much better. In addition to no more pimples, its much less dry and has a more even tone.

Day 18- I don't feel more energetic like I was expecting to. I'm certainly not exhausted, but a nap still sounds great at any given time during the day. I had a (perhaps unrealistic) thought that I would become the energizer bunny. Not so. Maybe thats just not possible for a homeschooling mom of 4 kids 6 and under? Maybe its because I have been sick? 

Day 19- Feeling pretty much back to normal. Only an itchy throat left. I feel good! Not an enormous physical difference from almost 3 weeks ago. I mostly notice a mental change. I'm not craving chocolate chips all day. I don't HAVE to have ice cream at night. I actually DO have enough will power to say no to unhealthy foods. And after this is over, I don't wanna fill my body back up with crap. I wanna keep it clean and "unpoisoned". Had another great workout on the stair master. I will get my perky bubble butt back someday! I was motivated to keep going, and keep going faster, by the skinny chick next to me. I couldn't let her show me up! 

Day 20- In an effort to further detox, I just scheduled a colon cleanse for next week! Not some pills, I'm talkin colon hydrotherapy where you essentially get washed out with water. I'm nervous as heck, but have heard awesome things about it.  I'm also going to do an Ion detoxifying foot bath. Its supposed to pull all sorts of nastiness out of your body, leaving the bath a gross color. Go big or go home right? I'm gonna completely detox, I'm startin' fresh man! Hubs has declared 2013 "the year of Stacia". (said like , "the summer of George!" from Seinfeld) Getting healthy once and for all, and as a bonus, I'm authorized a big shopping spree once I get to my goal weight. I've been yo-yo ing for the past 6 years, from being pregnant, then nursing (I have a hard time losing weight while I'm nursing. my body doesn't really cooperate), then getting into good shape, only to get pregnant again shortly thereafter. Its been a long time since I've put very much time or money into my wardrobe, because my size fluctuates so much.  Because Ty was likely our last baby, (very bittersweet!) once I get into the shape I want, I'm probably there to stay, so I'm starting fresh with my closet too. Its about time I update.   Thats still a ways away, but I'm already looking forward to it. Giving me the push I need to keep working hard! 

Day 21- I did it! I am so proud of myself. I've never felt so in control! I'm not at the mercy of sweet treats any longer. I can say no to delicious but unhealthy foods, even when they are right in front of my face. I'm disappointed with the fact that I notice hardly any difference in my body's appearance. I lost no weight, and my pants fit only slighter looser. Because I was having baked goods all the time, and stopped cold turkey I was hoping to lose like 10 pounds. However, I do feel much healthier. Not necessarily skinnier, or more energetic, but I love knowing that I'm doing everything I can to take care of my body. I feel happy. I've realized that super healthy foods can be quite delicious. I've learned to actually enjoy salads for lunch. I've found that apples with PB is the most delicious thing on the whole dang planet. I've discovered strength in what I thought was a very weak area. Even though I didn't get all the results I was hoping for, I'm really glad I did it. I'm excited to be a "clean-eating" family! 
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  1. I don't think I'll ever have the will-power to be a clean eater---but I am curious about your gator shake. My mom sometimes has one and it looks really awful, but I know they're good for you and they have ingredients I actually like so maybe I should stop being such a baby and try it. Will you email me the recipe you used? bdayton93 at gmail

  2. Ok a few thoughts! First i suggested you started posting again! but this is awesome!!! I love it! your amazing! Next you did know muscle weighs more than fat right? so if your workin out and not necessarily loosing pounds if your gaining muscle it will help you loose those pounds faster!!! As you know my father is a natzi when it comes to being healthy and eating right!!! So I grew up with mentality..... And I have never really had consistent cravings I cant control with my own will power. And produce has always been big in our house so I am excited you are enjoying it caus eit really is fulfilling just to eat good! And I too love my treats!!!! And Im the same where they dont effect my weight enough to quit them! My husband has turned into my dad! He has researched dieting and eating and exercise to death!! Hes the guru if you will. anyway he says every now wand then your suppose to have a cheat meal!!! otherwise your body takes the good stuff and processes it and stores your fat for a emergency! And also he eats a greek yogurt before bed, its ok to eat late you just have to know what to eat. You want certain fats in your body for the night so your motabolism still runs! anyway I sound like a know it all but I reall yknow nothing and I am not even trying with food right now! But I am so proud you could go for that long. its not even somethingI would want to try. Sorry for such a long comment!!!! I will leave now!! Love you!! Keep it up!

  3. way to go stach!! this is seriously such a hard thing, i'm sure! maybe when you're here this summer we can all do it together?? it's easier with other people, right? ;) proud of you!

  4. stach, you are totally my idol and are such a rockstar! i really want to do this, but its so hard! i tried once and was able to get through a whole week without it -- and i lost almost 5 lbs that week! (shows you how much sugar i must eat, haha!) i'm with mara, we should all try it when you are out here -- strength in numbers!! :)


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