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Rewind 10 years. (give or take) 
I'm in High School.

All I care about are my friends and boys. I don't play sports. I don't sing or dance. I don't have any hobbies to speak of. (unless kissing boys is a hobby?) I do the bare minimum in my classes. I don't like helping around the house. My room is a disaster. I love my sleep.

Then I graduate High School and head off to college.
More of the same.
Then comes my 20th birthday, and I realize I'm not a kid anymore -- its time to get my act together. 
So I made a few changes in my behavior, and within weeks Mr. Perfect enters my world. 
It was love at first sight, head over heels infatuation, we couldn't bear to be apart for even a nano-second.

When it's right, it's right, and in NO TIME we were hitched. 
He joined the Air Force and we started traveling the world together. 
With the birth of our first son, I was more determined than ever to live up to my full potential. (Finally, right Mom and Dad?) 

As time went on, and more babies came, that determination intensified.
I became a crafting, decorating fool. I grew to love working out and staying in shape. I even found enormous amounts of joy from cleaning and organizing! I enjoyed experimenting in the kitchen. I love kids (mine in particular) more than I ever thought possible. I have basically become the complete opposite of my High School self. Except that my love of kissing still remains (however, I've narrowed it down to just 1 boy!)
Now, I don't think I'd say I've reached my FULL potential, but I'm certainly having fun trying to get there!

So that's my story in a nutshell.

But what about the title? Where on earth did "Feathers and Sunshine" come from? 
The "Feathers" part is 2-fold. First, I'm of Native American descent. Everyone knows Indian squaws love their feathers, and I'm no exception. Secondly, my husband and his brothers tease me about looking like an owl. (Big eyes and a pointy nose). Owls are feathered creatures. 
And the "Sunshine"? That represents my goal of trying to make each day a happy one. I try my darndest to bring a little sunshine into our lives at every opportunity.
This blog is my chosen method of documenting the things I do to bring me and my family sunshine. Whether it be through crafting, cleaning, cooking- or anything in between! Perhaps I can even send a little your way too. Thanks for stopping by!
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